Brexit means…

Of course nobody has a clue! If you voted Remain you’re in despair at what’s been thrown away. If you voted Leave you’re getting ready to battle all over again for what you believe in – perhaps ‘sovereignty’, although nobody’s explained what that means; perhaps ‘control of immigration’, which almost certainly means surrendering advantageous trading agreements with our neighbours; perhaps a prosperous independent Britain keeping close trading ties with the EU, which almost certainly means agreeing to the free movement of people within Europe . . .

And that’s only the beginning. A friend of ours voted Leave because he sees himself as an individual: it’s not clear what’s happened to his individuality so far and what he thinks will become of it a couple of years down the line. Another voted Leave because she’s a pacifist: strange perhaps, but she reasoned that a European army (an idea which the UK would veto anyway) might be drawn into a war with Putin’s Russia – it’s unclear whether she’d heard of NATO.

Cue photographs of Theresa May and her European ministers having sensible talks about the way ahead, as if reason is going to have much to do with it. Labour is already making a fine mess of itself ahead of the new leadership elections, but the Tories are, although you’d never think it, about to tear themselves apart all over again over an issue they thought would be settled once and for all.

Ha! Brexit means . . . chaos.


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