Brexit means Wrecks it

What an unholy mess Theresa May finds herself in today!

1. She’s already pussy-footing with her Brexiteer chums, telling them that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ while pouring cold water on their Australian points system for immigration. (She has also, you may have noticed, refused to commit those millions to the NHS which the Brexiteers promised in their campaign.) Cue, very soon, angry accusations of betrayal from her Eurosceptic Tory chums.

2. Now along come the Japanese, with a 15-page memorandum which says they want to make deals with a Britain which decides to remain in the customs union and single market and also retains a free flow of workers between the EU and the UK. That’s the kind of deal which would suit their companies, which may otherwise up sticks and take their business elsewhere – but that’s not any kind of Brexit Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox would accept.

3. And, to cap it all, the increasingly authoritarian Polish government – an oppressive regime whose current drive against free speech ought to be condemned by the supposedly libertarian EC – has offered to mediate in negotiations between the UK and Europe. The ultimate insult.

It’s increasingly clear by the day that Brexit, if it’s allowed to happen, will be an economic disaster. Brexit means Wrecks it.


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