Fat cats and skivers

Our Brexiteer international trade secretary Liam Fox has hit out at British businessmen, who have apparently become ‘fat and lazy’ and put the pleasure of playing golf on a Friday afternoon above being dynamic and ‘free-trading’.

His message to these fat cats is simple: ‘If you want to share in the prosperity of our country you have a duty to contribute to the prosperity of our country.’ He seems worried that they regard leaving the EU as bad for business when they should instead be seizing whatever opportunities Fox and his chums manage to create for us.

Isn’t it wonderful how the Thatcherite right always manages to find other people to blame for the world not dancing to its tune!

Usually, of course, it’s the skivers who get it in the ear: people at the bottom of the heap simply aren’t doing enough to help themselves and join the ‘hard-working families’ the major parties are so fond of adulating. We’d say it made a pleasant change for the captains of industry to be painted as the new skivers, if it weren’t for the fact that Fox is simply creating another stereotype in order to peddle his obnoxious ‘philosophy’.

Another of the Three Brexiteers, David Davis, has already been put in his bumptious place by Theresa May, and we can expect a sharp rebuke for Fox as the business world turns its influential anger against him. Your turn next, Boris . . .


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