Kinnock, Kinnock, who’s there?

There was a time when, like David Cameron, Neil Kinnock was the future – only, unlike the Tory boy wonder, he never quite managed to hatch from his shell. Now he’s telling us that Labour will never be in power again in his lifetime unless Jeremy Corbyn is fenestrated next week.

Neil the Spiel, remembering his battles with the hard left all those years ago, would have us believe that we need a re-run of that bloody affair.

Will all those evil Trots and their fellow-travellers please shuffle to one end of the room while we count the rest? Good heavens: most of us haven’t moved a muscle!

Let’s remember the familiar but nonetheless wise remark of a Labour leader who did make it to Downing Street: “A week is a long time in politics.”

When Corbyn wins his second leadership contest next week, expect a rapid reassessment of Labour’s future as a painful healing process begins.

Kinnock, Kinnock, who’s there?


Neil who?

Neil desperandum.


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