Redder than thou

So the voting is over, and on Saturday we’ll know whether that arch-socialist Jeremy Corbyn has managed to cling on to his leadership of a party he has apparently betrayed with his extreme, voter-repellent ideas.

What will the Kinnock-esque right of Labour do if a candidate with these dangerous ideas carries the day:

  • A ‘progressive’ 50 per cent tax rate for higher earners
  • A 15 per cent tax on the top 1 per cent of earners to keep the NHS completely free at the point of use
  • An end to charitable status for private schools
  • Renationalisation of the railways
  • An increase in welfare payments
  • The repeal of the government’s Trade Union Act
  • The abolition of zero hours contracts

Believe it or not, they’ll apparently welcome him with open arms – because these are all proposals put forward by Owen Smith. Those ‘sensible’ MPs who have spent the last few years frightened to do anything but murmur about Tory austerity are hoping that this newly-converted socialist will win the day.

Corbyn, of course, agrees broadly with all of the above, but he’s a pariah.

The big question is what will happen if Smith pulls it off. Do those rebellious MPs suddenly become redder than thou, or will vigorous arm-twisting bring about his second conversion to a more biddable position?

Wink, which prefers the original to the ersatz, hopes we never find out.


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