Strange Forms of Natter

Three British born politicians have won the 2016 Lady Thatcher’s Wink prize for their discovery of strange forms of natter.

Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox have worked tirelessly for years on perfecting weird logical circumlocutions in order to persuade the public that a substance known as Brexit will transform their lives for the better. This year has seen the triumph of their totally unscientific pronouncements.

The three will share the prize of a free copy of Lady Thatcher’s Wink and an all-expenses-paid trip to La La Land.

A Wink spokesman explains: ‘These three men have almost single-handedly set the UK on a downward economic spiral – and they’ve done it with a skilful combination of lies, fancies and misrepresentations.

‘Their strange forms of natter have undoubtedly opened the door on an unknown world.’



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