The Tusk in the room

While Brexiteers and Remainers discuss the fall-out of the in-out referendum in Parliament (and about time, too!) the president of the European council has dismissed any fine-tuning as little more than wishful thinking.

‘The only real alternative to a hard Brexit,’ says Donald Tusk, ‘is no Brexit, even if today hardly anyone believes in such a possibility.’

And he’s right: hardly anyone does believe that it’s possible to take a hard look at the options and decide not to leave after all.


A reminder, with a nod towards today’s edition of the New European, that the referendum was specifically designated as advisory. If MPs, after detailed investigation, decide that Brexit would be disastrous for the British economy, they should obviously vote against it.

Obviously? The Brexiteers fear a backsliding, but hardly anyone else will voice the possibility. It’s the Tusk in the room.



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