One Hundred Days of Squalitude

What a glorious new beginning it was meant to herald, with a government that ‘works for everyone’, gives us ‘more control of our lives’, builds ‘a better Britain’ and fights ‘burning injustice’ – and what a piece of magic realism Treeza May’s Downing Street speech of a hundred days ago has already turned out to be.

In Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, Jose Aracadio Buendia founds the city of Macondo, creating a make-believe world based entirely on his own distorted perceptions. Welcome to Treeza’s Mayondo!

A country for everyone? Let’s reinstate the grammar schools and leave the majority sidelined at the age of eleven.

More control of our lives? Let’s hand over our nuclear industry to the Chinese and the French.

Building a better Britain? Let’s go for the hardest Brexit possible and so cripple our economy.

Fighting injustice? Let’s be as cruel as we can to would-be immigrants and encourage the spread of a nasty, isolationist, racist mentality in this ‘better Britain’ of ours.

Yes, A Hundred Days of Squalitude – and don’t forget that Garcia Marquez’s novel ends with a hurricane that destroys Macondo, that fragile ‘city of mirrors’.


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