A Short Time in Politics

No doubt it’s foolish to leave the country for a week and expect to find it looking much different when you get back, but there’s something deeply depressing about the ability of the Treeza Tories to keep piling on the agony.

  • Scared witless by the obvious catastrophe that is Brexit, they offer lavish inducements to Nissan to stay in the country – and are clearly prepared to spend billions of our money (and no doubt much more than the fabled amount that was fraudulently earmarked for the NHS) in order to paper over the cracks.
  • The big lie over NHS funding is exposed by a group of Tory MPs who care about the health service – but Treeza still denies there’s a problem.
  • A thousand children displaced by the closure of the Calais camp are said to be wandering around France without care – and yet Treeza refuses to take any responsibility or show a trace of compassion.
  • And now Amber Rudderless, no doubt terrified by what it might reveal, refuses an enquiry into the politically inspired police attacks on miners at Orgreave.

Shame on shame: a week is a very short time in politics.


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