At last, after today’s High Court judgement, we shall learn where our MPs really stand on Brexit.

Of course those who always wanted to leave will talk about the betrayal of the common man and woman if we don’t – and will vote accordingly.

But what about the vast majority who always thought it was a bad idea to quit Europe? Have they seen anything to change their minds about it being against the national interest?

No. Project fear has turned out to be project reality. The pound has dived, and it’s clear that misery lies around the corner, in many cases afflicting the very people who – deceived by lies – voted against their own interests in the referendum.

Every MP who votes for Article 50 and Brexit in the House of Commons must take responsibility for what happens afterwards, and this is the acid test for those who have always believed in remaining and who know it would be best for the country to turn their backs on Brexit – do they cave in to Daily Maul bullying for short-term popularity or face long-term vilification for the damage they will have done?

Spot the Brexit WiMP, your local politician who gave you every good reason for staying in Europe and now caves in to mass intimidation.


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