The Wink New Year Quiz

Unusually for a quiz, there are no answers to this one. That’s because we’re simply raising some crucial ‘known unknowns’ – and crossing our fingers that 2017 isn’t as disastrous as 2016.

1 Will our parliamentary representatives really nod through Brexit if it becomes increasingly obvious that it’s going to be a disaster for the nation as a whole, and particularly for many of those who voted out of desperation to ‘take back control’? Most MPs, don’t forget, were remainers. And the referendum, don’t forget, was labelled ‘advisory’ and was very narrowly won by the Outers. We need brave MPs to follow the lead of the veteran Ken Clarke – though we don’t hold out a great amount of hope.

2 Will Treeza May really lead a government that works for the country as a whole? Her Downing Street speech sounded as Sermon on the Mount as Lady T when she assumed power, and don’t forget what she soon burdened us with. Just remember Treeza’s record as home secetary, ‘immigrants go home’ vans and all – and tremble.

3 Will the Labour Party prove a viable opposition at a time when we need it most? Not if half the so-called centrists refuse to cooperate with Jeremy Corbyn. We grew up at a time when JC’s views were commonplace, but now they’re regarded (and not only by the Daily Maul and the usual rightwing suspects) as extreme.

4 Will Donald Trump scare the wits out of the world even more when he’s actually president than he has already in his warm-up act? The Americans have elected a vacuous braggart to the White House, and may find it impossible to tame him.

5 Will those of us on the left of the political spectrum have the strength and energy to raise our voices against the tide of alt-right extremism which already threatens to overwhelm political discourse, rewriting its language so that (witness the aftermath of the Jo Cox murder) even human decency is painted as leftwing posturing?

But enough of the questions. To those of a similar persuasion, let’s vow to keep up the good fight – and a Happy New Year to you all!


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