A Special Kind of Sharing

We’re so used to cant that we barely register it any more. Remember Margaret Thatcher reciting St Francis of Assisi before bringing devastation to large parts of Britain? Remember David Cameron going green and hugging hoodies before he and his pal George brought in grim austerity for the masses? Remember, even more recently, Theresa May echoing the Iron Lady, on her omwn succession to Downing Street, with talk of a society for ‘everyone’? Well, for good measure she returned to the theme yesterday with a fresh slogan – ‘the shared society’.

Yes, pass the sick bag, Treeza!

This is a society in which the gap between the rich and the middle-of-the-road, let alone the poor, has stretched to obscene proportions. (Yet expect a violent assault on Jeremy Corbyn by the Daily Maul and its friends tomorrow for suggesting that horror of horrors, a maximum wage.

This is a government which has drained the National Health Service of funds so that the medical profession howls its protests, while the best that Jeremy Hunt can do is blame the likes of us for turning up at A & E on false pretences.

This is a time when those who feel downtrodden turn on those even more downtrodden than themselves, whether they be immigrants, benefit claimants or anyone too weak to fight back.

We well know what the Tories’ sharing is all about. It’s about divvying up the spoils so that the fat get fatter and the thin are supposed to be grateful for the scraps they’re tossed for being ‘hard-working’ and subservient.

Don’t believe their cant – sharing the pain is certainly not on the agenda.


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