Big bad Donald and sweet little Treeza – a fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf called Donald who enjoyed growling and pacing and telling all the other animals he would eat them all up if they made him angry – especially if they were weak, or female or of a different colour from himself. And when at last he became leader of the pack he knew that none of them would ever be able to stop him doing whatever he wanted.

‘WIN!’ they all heard him howl into the long, dark night.

Meanwhile, a long way away, across a big, wide ocean, a trusting little lamb called Treeza decided that she had had enough of the big farm on which she had lived for almost as long as she could remember. When some of her friends began to complain that they had no control of their lives she boldly leapt through a gap in the hedge and declared that she was never coming back.

‘Please be careful, Treeza,’ her wisest friends warned her. ‘It’s much safer in here with us, with stout fences and warm barns and as much as you could ever want to eat. Nobody can harm us in here.’

But Treeza had become strangely bold. She simply stamped her foot and refused to listen.

‘Nonsense!’ she bleated. ‘For one thing there are far too many black sheep coming onto our land. And for another, I’m sure I’ll have a much better life once I’ve snuggled up to some new friends in other parts of the world. What’s so special about our boring little farm?’

The very next day she received a warm invitation from a place she had always dreamed of, a long way away, across a big, wide ocean.

‘Come and snuggle up with me,’ purred the mighty Donald, who happened to live in that far off place she had long dreamed of. ‘I could make you very happy.’

‘Don’t do it, Treeza!’ her friends cried in despair.

But Treeza had a sickly, triumphant smile on her face. She knew best about everything.

‘We’re going to have a very special relationship,’ she said.

Big, bad Donald thought so, too – and when he heard that she was on her way to his lair, long skeins of saliva dripped from his powerful jaws . . .


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