Treeza May and the specious relationship

The shame and embarrassment will know no bounds as our hapless prime minister comes back from Washington with the pretence of a triumph. And that triumph, much as she claims it for the UK in all its ‘greatness’, she will actually regard as all her own – artful Treeza strikes again!

There is no more cynical politician in Britain today. Her many years as home secretary passed without turmoil, unless you were one of the unfortunates who suffered from her brand of uncaring Toryism. (Remember those notorious Go Home vans?)

The secret was to suggest the smack of Thatcherite toughness while having no apparent political philosophy and saying as little as possible. It’s no surprise to learn this week that during her tenure the home office was one of the worst government offenders when it came to refusing MPs’ requests for information.

Next came the Brexit referendum, and a cautious sitting on hands. Yes, Treeza was apparently in favour of remaining (when she did consent to speak it was in support of Cameron’s view that we were safer staying in). But as soon as the cause was lost she became, not a reluctant follower of what she vacuously calls ‘the will of the people’, but a gung-ho champion of a hard Brexit no matter what.

Making anti-immigration policies a priority is no surprise considering her tawdry track record, but it can’t be doubted that the hard Brexit stance is a cynical playing to the Tory right wing. Everything she does is precisely calculated.

And now it’s ‘the special relationship’. This really is sick bucket time. The whole world knows that Britain is a declining power, and that the arm-in-arm goose-stepping with the egregious Donald Trump is advantageous to one side only. (Please see our last blog, a fairy tale with a Little Red Riding Hood flavour.)

It’s exceedingly bad luck for Britain that a torture-loving, misogynistic, racist knucklehead should become US president at the very moment we’re leaving the embrace of the EU. Vulnerable little lamb Treeza will want us to believe that her dealings with big bad wolf Trump will be as much to her advantage as his – but this is a specious relationship, not a special one.


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