Trump & May: what it says on the tin

Let’s not pretend that we’re shocked by Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. We might have crossed our fingers, but he never hid the kind of man he is, his prioritising oil company profits over the future of the planet, his malign ignorance. We’ve got what he said we’d get if the American people, by however a narrow margin, voted him in.

The lesson for the UK electorate is plain. Theresa May, like Trump, has made it clear what kind of government she’ll lead if we vote her in. Crossing our fingers would be equally useless. We can see just what we’ll be getting if she remains in No 10.

What to expect? More heartless austerity behind that rictus grin. An attempt, though probably thwarted, to bring back divisive grammar schools. A vote, ditto, on fox hunting, for goodness sake. A wretchedly grim confrontation with our European neighbours, along with the kind of vile xenophobia that had her, when home secretary, sending out Go Home vans in immigrant areas.

And, of course, a schmoozing of the execrable Trump, her best buddy across the water. Let’s see how strongly she reacts to his Paris climb-down as a test of the strong, principled leader she likes to pretend she is.

There hasn’t been a more crucial moment than this for the British electorate in many years. It’s a time for facing reality – for reading what, in glaringly large letters, is written on the tin.


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